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Outstanding Coach of the Year.

Each year the American Fencing Alliance grants members of the fencing community the opportunity to give back to coaches that helped shape their lives. The Outstanding Coach Award recognizes the coach who best demonstrates the true ideals of the coaching profession. This award is reserved for those that inspire athletes, lead by example, and work towards shaping community goals and ideals. To become a distinguished fencing coach, one must demonstrate both technical skills and personal commitment to the physical, social and psychological well-being of athletes. This award recognizes those in the community who have gone above and beyond their technical role, to improve the fencing environment as a whole as well as individual students. 

Commemorate this achievement

The American Fencing Alliance presents you the opportunity to share your recognition. Order a beautiful plaque that exemplifies your dedication to the health, fitness and performance of athletes. Your nominations described a strong community leader with an intense dedication to the improvement of each athletes' abilities. We are proud to celebrate your achievements and to allow you to display this honor, so that nominators and future students alike can continue to recognize your contribution to the sport.